Variety of Natural Stone Slab GTA Has to Offer

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In an effort to take away some of the financial strain during home remodelling or renovations, many will settle on refinishing the countertops or purchasing a more cost-effective but less durable material. While these options do allow for some savings, it is important to realize that the process will need to be repeated again in five to ten years. Natural stone slab in the GTA is one of the smartest countertop investments out there. They’re exceptionally strong, easy to maintain, completely natural, and provide breathtaking and sophisticated beauty.

Types of Natural Stone Slabs

Natural stone slabs found in the GTA come in a variety of types, colours, and patterns. Each variety offers its own unique level of strength and beauty and can be used for more than just countertops. Below are some of the wonderful options available to you:
  • Quartzite

Quartzite comes in a wide range of colours and a fantastic assortment of lovely patterns. It is generally quite thick, very strong, and it is highly resistant to heat damage and scratches.

  • Granite

This is by far the most sought-after material in natural stone countertops. It is highly durable, delightfully easy to clean and maintain, and stain resistant, and it has antimicrobial attributes.

  • Slate

Slate, while durable and lovely, tends to have fewer options pertaining to colour and patterns. The hue is typically monochromatic in nature, but is wonderfully dense and durable. While the number of colour and pattern variations are not as diverse as some other options, the simple elegance of slate is complimentary to most any decor.

  • Marble

Marble remains one of the most popular natural stone slabs as it is as naturally beautiful as it is easy to maintain. Marble is resistant to burns, scratches, and other abrasions, and it is able to keep its sophisticated looks for generations.

  • Limestone

Limestone provides similar durability for those seeking the finest natural stone slab GTA has available. It’s most commonly found in shades of white, cream, and grey. Limestone is an excellent material for bathrooms and other areas with higher levels of moisture and humidity, provided it is adequately sealed with a natural stone sealer.

  • Travertine

This is indeed one of the most popular natural stone slab types available in the GTA. It is similar to limestone except in colour, but is more porous. Many don’t realize that travertine also allows light to pass through, making it an interesting option for those with more luxurious design plans.

  • Onyx

Onyx is valued as a surface top for its gem-like opaque colouring and appearance. It is quite durable and offers a literal rainbow of colours to choose from. Onyx is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a more diverse range of colours and complex patterns.


Each of the natural stone slab varieties available in the GTA listed above can be found by contacting a reputable and well-stocked natural stone supplier. When visiting the stone yard, you will find that each variety offers more than one style. Take a look around at what is available and you are sure to find the perfect countertop for your home. Take advantage of all the strength and beauty in the natural stone slab GTA offers today!